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How about doing it different in 2023?

Modern medicine is infamous for treating symptoms of health complications, rather than addressing the root causes of disease. This treatment philosophy leaves patients in a dangerous cycle of so-called remedies may offer more side effects than solutions, or short-term improvement followed by relapse. Many experience feelings of frustration and hopelessness, or grapple with the belief that poor health is an inevitable reality. But a better future is possible, and there are ways to take charge of one’s well-being and pinpoint factors that leave the body susceptible to illness, using holistic techniques and plant-based nutrients.

Humans are constantly exposed to environmental toxins, including pollution, heavy metals, and the myriad of unhealthy substances found in food and beauty products. While the detrimental effects of this exposure can manifest in a number of ways, wellness can be achieved by cleansing the body of these substances. A “cleaner” body can facilitate improved cognitive function, stress resistance and mental clarity, leading to better performance and emotional health. By unlearning the narrative that full-body health is ultra-complicated or unachievable, simple, natural and effective solutions are possible.

ROOT is on a mission to fundamentally reimagine the path to wellness, by educating consumers and equipping them with the resources needed for a comprehensive health reset.

Rather than adding substances into the body, ROOT’s products reduce inflammation and offer a cellular “deep clean,” which aids in the absorption of nutrients by neutralizing blockages in binding sites. CleanSlate, a tincture formulated with the mineral zeolite, contains nanofragments that act as toxin scavengers, helping to eliminate impurities throughout the body, including brain tissue. As many as eight in 10 people who consumed CleanSlate noticed an improvement in mood immediately after the ingestion of the zeolite, with prolonged use leading to increased energy without side effects.

The brand has also utilized the “mind/gut” connection to improve attention span, block brain fog and promote the production of essential neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. A blend of five adaptogens and two catalysts packed into a tiny daily capsule, Zero-In stimulates the digestive system and gives the brain a jump-start.

A healthier alternative to synthetic stimulants, Zero-In can be taken in both the morning and afternoon for a mental pick-me-up.

This articel is also published in The Purist

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