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How do you eat your fish?

Not all fatty fish are created equally.

SMASH fish—that is,





and herring—

are not only packed with omega-3s, they’re also safer to eat thanks to low amounts of mercury.

Comparatively, high-mercury fish, such as



orange roughy,

and shark,

are typically larger in size and tend to live longer—

two factors that increase their exposure to mercury.

While good sources of omega-3s, these fish should be eaten in low moderation (or not at all) due to their mercury levels.⁠

A good way of getting mercury and other heavy metals, chemical toxins, mold spores and Graphene-oxide out of your body is to start using Cleanslate.

This advanced natural product is based on clinoptilolite. It's manufactured in a way that it takes the bad stuff out and transports good stuff, Vit C and trace minerals, into the cells.

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