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How about Mary?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We all know the world is changing rapidly. Jobs are lost, opportunities are diminished, dreams fall apart. On the other side, new opportunities arise, new beginnings can be there.

If you're open to new opportunities, if your willing to look with a new view, there are always new ways and possibilities.

Let's see the story of Mary

Mary, being a single mom.

Being the mother of a two-year-old, it was difficult for her to be in a full-time job and fulfill her responsibilities as a mom at the same time.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread over the world, so did the worries about job security among the employees working in major industries.

Mary was surfing on the internet one day, she came across an article that featured a young woman entrepreneur’s success story, who used direct selling to reach out her fitness products to thousands of people successfully.

The article narrated her journey from being unemployed to being her own boss and successfully generating handsome income.

The article connected with her instantly, and she further searched about Social Sharing / Direct selling and its various possibilities.

On searching, she found out that 74% of people involved in direct selling are women, which reinforced her decision to venture into Social Sharing / Direct selling.

A few days later, in a casual talk, a friend of Mary, Michael, who works in the accounts department of a pharmaceutical company, told her about how the pandemic has increased their sales and how increasingly people are being concerned about their immunity and health.

Hearing this, Mary, who was already in search of a product to kickstart her Social Sharing Business, now knew what it should be. From there, her journey to successful home income began.

So, if you were Mary, who is to set out a Social Sharing Business to accomplish both professional and financial freedom, what probable data and statistics would you be looking into? Well, we are here with some useful insights to help Mary out with her journey to building a successful business and to let Mary help many people with their health and finances.

Come, let's dive in!

Some numbers showed Mary that Social Sharing Business is a serious one.

In 2019, the Social Sharing / Direct Selling industry has made sales of about $180.5 billion

The USA becomes the global leader in retail sales with annual sales of $35.2 billion.

A total of $23.4 in revenue has been made in the Chinese market from retail sales in 2019.,which stands in the 2nd position.

Korea maintains the third position among the retail sales list with $17.6 billion.

Germany and Japan hold 4th and 5th positions in the list with $17.4 billion and $15.6 billion respectively.

It's quite obvious from the above statistics that Social Sharing is a booming business and helps people earn a substantial amount of income.

Now that Mary knows the industry she has chosen has the potential to make such amounts of money, any thoughts on what should be the next thing to scrutinize?

She had to ask herself what is important for her.

What would be a good product or service for her to get familiar with and that she could share without any doubts?

There are so many possibilities and opportunities, this could be hard.

Mary made a list of the things she finds important in life and made a list of goals and dreams.

Now that part of her plan is fixed.

Mary very well understands how the trade goes on around the globe.

Next, it is to integrate the vital part of your business into your plan.

The Distributors.

One of the biggest worries Mary had in her mind is whether people would support her initiative and be interested in the product she wishes to bring to the market. Some of her friends had the same doubt when they were having a discussion about it. To clear up this concern, we have put together some stats and insights on the people who like to share opportunities in this social sharing business.

Distributors / Social Sharers or salespeople in the industry have a major role to play and they choose this role either as a career or as a secondary income source.

The success of a Social Sharing / Direct Selling company relies on its distributors and customers and it’s a plain fact that they make a major contribution towards it.

The industry proves worth enough, the numbers in terms of distributors as well as the revenue suggests it strongly.

People also find the industry a good choice after the retirement period.

Education is not a barrier in marketing but customer acquisition with a proper set of presentation ability is a must-need skill to acquire.

The best thing about being involved as a Social Sharer is that you can work remotely with your own schedule.

When people are asked the following questions;

  • Do you like to consider Social Sharing / Direct Selling as an efficient part-time business opportunity?

83.87% answered YES.

  • Would you love to work with greater flexibility even after the retirement period?

74% answered YES.

  • Do you prefer to work remotely?

84% answered YES.

Statistics on Social Sharing Distributor Achievements

• 63% of participants join the business to make money by sharing and selling products to customers.

• 25% achieves the desired profit they planned for while joining the business.

• Out of them, 53% of people made more than 5,000 U.S dollars.

• 39% of the people stopped being a part of the business and the reason behind the decision is to stop pitching directly to family and friends.

The more engaged the distributors are, the more they earn. The numbers also suggest motivation among people who choose this business as a profession.

Let’s see some more interesting facts about the distributors and some motivational facts.

• 118.4 million people worked as individual representatives in 2018, a growth rate of 1.6% when compared to 2017 stats.

• Around 10.5 million people work full-time, 42.9 million people work part-time, and

64.9 million people joined recently.

• Direct selling representatives spend an average time of 30 hours per week.

• 59% feel motivated to become a Social Sharer and 61% stay because of the flexible nature of the industry.

• 48% joined as a direct seller with a goal for long-term supplemental income and 54% continued as a Social sharer.

• 35% of people find the industry as a short-term income and get motivated to become a direct seller whereas 29% of people stays long in this position.

• 41% get motivated to become a direct seller by finding income potential and thereafter 50% continue in the industry.

Popular products and services in the Social Sharing business

• In 2019-20, wellness products shared 35.6% of sales contribution globally.

• Cosmetics and personal care products contribute 28.6% to annual sales.

• 11.5% of global sales share comes from household goods and durables.

• In 2018-19, wellness products shared 33.2% of sales contribution globally.

• Cosmetics and personal care products contribute 31.5% to annual sales (2019)

• In 2019, wellness products marked 45% sales and cosmetics 28% sales in Australia alone.

• 64% of individuals find product discounts as a motivational factor to choose

direct selling as a career.

With wellness products topping the industry in sales, Mary’s friends realized the potential revenue generation opportunity hidden in this business, and they did not have to think any further about getting into a partnership with Mary.

To give more insights to her partners, and to help them in their journey along with her towards developing a successful business, she was also ready with some important data.

It was to demonstrate what are the consumer trends in the market and how customers around the world felt about direct products.

Consumers are those end-users who ultimately use the products and remark their opinion at least in mind.

If they are happy with the products then they will be using it until something new comes up that satisfies their needs by means of new offers from other competitors, finding more satisfying customers for other brands, or anything that triggers the interests.

This particular point has been constant trouble for companies and those who attained customer retention have survived for long.

Product consistency needs to maintain throughout their existence and customer fulfillment is a major battle to compact around.

Different age groups have different levels of criteria that make them pick a product from different available brands. The success of a business is once all such age groups together choose your brand. Sharing a product that is unique and add value to the consumer is a must. As previous seen products in the Wellness field are highly appreciated.

Other subjects consumers and distributors rates highly are

  • Simplicity

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Educational

Fast forwarding,

Mary’s career transformation from being a single mom to a successful Social Sharing entrepreneur was smooth and swift. The time at which she entered the industry and her choice of product elevated professional growth. Mary is now not only a nice friend in her circle but also someone who helped them to earn and live better.

Social Sharing is "the way" of helping people with better health/wellness and getting better finances.

The world is moving to a new normal.

People who found it extremely difficult to cope up with the changes in the beginning, now handle it with ease. Nobody knows when exactly would this crisis end and till then, the best thing we can do is to adapt and overcome.

So it is important to be informed about these possibilities to get your business through this hard time.

We have done our best to incorporate some useful information.

The turn is now yours. Stop waiting for the right time.

Detoxification and happiness are an important part of the path to health and wellness.

If you would be part of a new Social Sharing opportunity and work on your health and share this with your friends all over the globe create your free account now.

  • Start sharing and become part of this International Sharing Movement.

  • Start creating a better world for you and your family

  • Start your business now.

"Change will always be made by one decision"

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