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Why detox: why me, why now?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Where Did We Come From?

Have you ever thought about your origins?

Have you ever taken the time to think about where you really came from?

Photo by Chewy

When we think of our roots we often think of where we grew up, and the environment we group up in.

This could be anywhere from in the country, city, small town, suburbs, to a housing project as we all have different upbringings. But this is not your origin.

You come from the womb of your mother; the beginning of where you were created that laid the foundation for your life.

We think of the womb as being this amazing place of purity where a baby develops. Unfortunately, that is not the actual case anymore.

Centuries ago before our world became so polluted babies were created in an environment conducive to creating an amazing life.

The last 100 years, not so much. We know our world is polluted.

We have become more aware of the global aspects of pollution as we have become more connected and as technology has been able to provide us images of what our skies, oceans and continents look like and how they have changed over decades.

Many social movements have been made to clean up “the environment” yet they all continue to come up short.

This leads to the most important question: Which environment is most important to you?

The answer is quite simple but often missed.

Your personal environment is the only thing you can control.

Your body, that which was developed in the womb is the only environment that really matters to YOU! Granted, the external environment affects your personal environment, which is why it is important we take care of our planet, but you have no control over that issue.

You know we need to clean up the environment because it is polluted.

You are a product of that toxic polluted environment and your exposure began while you were in the womb. This leads us to the key point: detoxification.

The damaging effects of pollution

Photo by Timothy Eberly

Increasingly toxic environment leads to several diseases

The Environmental Working Group published a study in 2005 titled Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns

The study found over 280 toxic metals, pollutants and chemicals in the cord blood of ten babies.

We are polluted while we are in the womb. We are actually bathed in a mixture of nutrients and life creating fluids as well as life destroying and damaging pollutants. These appalling results opened our eyes to the real issue of the toxic burden of modern humans and the need for true detoxification.

The damage from these pollutants can lead to epigenetic defects resulting in miscarriage or a variety of diseases and syndromes that humans are often labeled as having been “born with.” Then, with the first breath taken, the external environmental toxin exposure begins for the rest of your life.

Every breath, the food you eat, even the breast milk you received from your mother, the water and beverages you drink and the soil you play in and walk on all have pollutants and toxins that increase the body's burden.

We cannot get away from these pollutants and it is impossible to eliminate all of our exposures every day. Hence, the need to focus internally to remove these toxins known to cause damage to every aspect of our bodily functions.

Heavy metals like:

  • mercury,

  • cadmium,

  • arsenic,

  • lead

  • aluminum

are proven to damage every single system of the human body.

The worst part is that they affect each of us differently, and there is no set plan for each individuals symptoms. The signs of aging, allergies, syndromes, diseases and “issues” we deal with from childhood through adult life are almost entirely caused by our toxic load and body burden that we each carry.

Your true health and happiness is actually quite simple when armed with the correct knowledge. We know that if you have a dirty pool the first thing you must do is to clean the pool. Remove the trash, debris and junk that makes the water polluted.

After the removal of the trash, add some salt and supplements to the pool to once again make the pool crystal clear and “healthy.”

You can add all of the supplements wanted to the pool but if it’s not cleaned first you will never get the desired outcome.

It doesn’t sound pretty, but your body is a beautiful cesspool.

Once the cleanup process begins, you start to see the aspects of life you were made for. The simple approach of removing the toxins and heavy metals first sto allow the nutrients, minerals and supplements to be absorbed.

Take care of your body, it is the only place that you can have to live.

Our call for everyone reading this article is to take charge of your health, detox your body and change your life and our environment.

If you´re really serious about cleaning up your body, regaining and reclaiming your health,

Start today with a 90 Day Systemic Passive Detox protocol.

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Disclaimer: This information is in no way a medical or health advise. If you have health issues you always have to visit your local doctor.

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